Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Home Bistro Gourmet Foods

If you don't like to cook, or just don't have the time, try these Gourmet meals from Home Bistro. They are running a special on their delicious filet meals right now...you just can't beat this deal!! Half-Priced Filet Dinner with purchase of $50 or more. Coupon: HalfPrice

For us, it's always been about the food.
We create great recipes - everything from soups and appetizers to complete meals and desserts. Then, using only the finest ingredients, we prepare everything, with skill, know-how, and artistry, just for you. We do all the time-consuming things. We shop and we chop. We mix, blend, and sauté. We grill the steaks, roast the lamb, poach the salmon. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions to heat and serve our meals in about 10 minutes. It's that easy.

The magic? It rests in an innovative process, developed in France, for preparing gourmet meals, then vacuum sealing and flash-freezing them at precisely the right moment to lock in the full flavor and texture you'd expect at only the finest restaurants. We've spent nearly 15 years refining this process. Now you can enjoy these restaurant recipes at home. Simply warm the meals, in the specially designed packaging, by placing in simmering water.

Simmering is the gentlest way to warm a meal and retain the best flavor. Microwaving often overcooks one part of the meal while leaving other parts cold, and it tends to burn sauces. We never compromised our food quality in our restaurants by using a microwave, and we don't believe you should either. By following our simple instructions, your dining experience will be just as we intended. Bon Appétit!

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